The Amazon Forest Pack

Welcome to the Amazon Forest Pack! We are a semi realistic wolf pack that has claimed its territory in Amazonas Brazil!
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PostSubject: Mate Ceramonies   Mate Ceramonies I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 09, 2013 4:48 pm

After you have agreed on being another wolfs mate, their are a few decisions that you must make for you both to be an official pair. So look below to see the questions that you must answer to have a succesful mate ceramony

◄ Will your ceramony be open, private, or immediate?
◄ If open or private, where will the ceramony be held?
◄ What time will the ceramony start and end?
◄ If private, who is invited? Family, friends, or both?
◄ What foods do you want at your ceramony?

Ok, so we know the questions that we must answer, but what does it all mean? Look below to see what an open, private, and immediate ceramony is and what the differences are

Open Ceramony: An open ceramony is where the whole pack is invited to your ceramony, any one can come and wish you luck, in these types of ceramonies you cannot tell who is welcome and who is not welcome
Private Ceramony: Opposite of an open ceramony, a private ceramony is where you can invite certan wolves or no wolves at all. You can invite only your family, your friends, or only wolves that you are aquantices with or if your feeling like a loner, you can have your ceramony with just you and your mate!
Immediate Ceramony: Lastly is the immediate ceramony, if you chose this one then the alpha will announce you two official mates and then it will be over, also if you choose this one you d not have to decide any other questions because they are not applied to this ceramony type

Next you need to decide with your mate where it will be held. Will it be near the Purus River, Tupe' Beach, or Parana Mountain? That is for you and your mate to decide

Then you will need to agree on a time the ceramony will begin and end, do you wish your ceramony to be on a wet morning, romantic sunset, or a cool breezey night? You and your mate will need to decide this and also when the ceramony will end

If you have chosen a private ceramony, you and your mate will need to mke a list of all of the wolves that are invited, if any at all

Lastly you will have to decide what you and your mate will want to eat at the ceramony. Do you want kinkajou, otter, wild boar, or all 3? You will need to discuss this with your mate

Ok, so you now know what you will need to decide upon, and then once you figure all of this out with your mate, both of you must PM me the filled out code(look below) in answer to all of these questions so that I may know that both of you agreed on the decisions for the ceramony, the sooner I get the list, the sooner the ceramony shall begin!

[b]Type Of Ceramony:[/b]
[b]Invited Wolves(if private):[/b]
[b]List Of Foods:[/b]
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Mate Ceramonies
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