The Amazon Forest Pack

Welcome to the Amazon Forest Pack! We are a semi realistic wolf pack that has claimed its territory in Amazonas Brazil!
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 Both Land And Water Creatures

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PostSubject: Both Land And Water Creatures   Thu Mar 14, 2013 12:00 am

These are the animals that live in the territory that basically live in the water and go on land or live on land and go into the water regularily, the predators that fall into this group can be extremly dangerous because you cannot hide on land or in the water, they can still get ya!


Information~ Reaching 13 feet long and almost 800 pounds, they need to be watched for when getting a drink at rivers as they have been known to hide under the shallow murky waters and then snap an animal up while they drink
Loction~ Rivers and found on river banks, basking in the sun light
Dangerous~ Yes
Eaten~ No


Information~ Huge snapping turtles with spines and a poked tail, they have a sharp bite and a good grip, if they get a hold of a wolfs paw it could easily rip it off
Loction~ Mainly found under water though they also bask on river banks and large logs floating in the river
Dangerous~ Large ones can be dangerous to a wolf if provoked and can kill pups
Eaten~ No


(yes, that is a small anaconda the caiman is eating)
Information~ Exactly like crocodiles but with a duck like snout and reaching the length of 18 feet and weighing up to 900 pounds, these caimans are considered man eating and can swallow almost anything, they are extremly dangerous and aggressive/protective, they will charge anyone if they so much as see them
Location~ Rivers and on the banks of rivers
Dangerous~ Yes
Eaten~ No


Information~ The capybara is the largest rodent in the world, reaching up to 150 pounds at times, they will also live in scattered packs as they are rather social creatures
Location~ Can be found in the shallow parts of rivers, marshes, or ponds, they are also commonly found in the rainforest
Dangerous~ No
Eaten~ Yes


Information~ A large otter that has become rare, reaching 6 feet long and extremly playful, they are wanted by hunters for their large rich brown pelt and they also make great food for the pack with their tastefull meat though they can be rather hard to catch let alone find
Location~ Found mainly in the river but they will come ashore at noon to nap
Dangerous~ No
Eaten~ Yes


(yes, that is a large anaconda wrapping around a smaller caiman)
Information~ The largest snake in weight, the green anaconda most commonly found at 22 feet in length though older ones can reach up to 40 feet long, their weight is usually around 200 pounds
Loction~ Can be found in rivers or in bushes in the rainforest or in tall grasses
Dangerous~ Yes
Eaten~ No


Information~ Seemingly peaceful creatures that float around in the river are actually deadly, with long teeth, armor like skin, protective/aggressive personality traits and and jaw that can extend to the sze of their head, these creatures are no to be messed with and a single hippo could kill 5 wolves quickly and easily
Loction~ In the Purus river and the banks of the river, they also retreat into the forest to give birth
Dangerous~ Yes
Eaten~ No


Information~ Aggressive turtles that swim in the water, compared to other animals it is not dangerous though it can snap off a pups tail
Loction~ Near or in the river, can always be seen basking on the river bank or on floating longs, can also be found on the edge of the rainforest closest to the rivers
Dangerous~ Only to pups when provoked
Eaten~ No


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Both Land And Water Creatures
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