The Amazon Forest Pack

Welcome to the Amazon Forest Pack! We are a semi realistic wolf pack that has claimed its territory in Amazonas Brazil!
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 The Parana' Mountain

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PostSubject: The Parana' Mountain   Sat Mar 09, 2013 9:26 pm

This mountain is a total of 6,158 feet tall with large trees covering its rocky surface, large bear traps, snares, loops, and snapping traps are placed throughout this land as a group of hunters live high up in log cabins. Members rarely venture here, fearing they may be shot at by the huntsman who are alwas looking for a good kill. Other than that their is some prey up here and not many predators, suprisingly it isnt to terribly cold because of the humid climate that surounds this peak. There is also a waterfall that pours from the top of the mountain.

Predators And Prey Found Here: Few bengal tigers, kinkajous, tapir, howler monkey, spectacled bear, few macaws, armadillo, and few wild boar
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The Parana' Mountain
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