The Amazon Forest Pack

Welcome to the Amazon Forest Pack! We are a semi realistic wolf pack that has claimed its territory in Amazonas Brazil!
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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Sat Mar 09, 2013 7:08 pm

Here are all of the standared pack rules that you mus follow at all times

◄ No bullying, teasing, harassing, or put downs
◄ Be kind and try to be helpfull to new members
◄ No SPAM(stupid pointless annoying messages)
◄ Do not post TMI(to much info)
◄ Be respectful even those of a lower rank than you
◄ No powerplaying
◄ Try to be as appropriatly descriptive as possible
◄ Have at least 3 words in a post
◄ Have at least 2 sentences in a roleplay post
◄ Do not create major roleplay events(people attack, another wolf pack attacks, territory floods, etc.)
◄ Try to post on the wq thread at least once a week, if that is not possible or in your favor PM me
◄ Try to talk to te guests in the guest center
◄ Stay active
◄ Post on the site at least twice every week
◄ If you cannot post for 2 weeks than request an EFA(excused for abscense)
◄ Have fun!
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General Rules
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